Employee Benefit Plans

Helping your Plan meet compliance and reporting requirements

Employee benefit plans must deal with ever-changing, complex regulatory requirements from the IRS, ERISA, and DOL. Staying current on these changes is challenging for Plan sponsors and administrators, and your auditor and tax advisor should have the experience to assist you in navigating the maze of regulatory requirements. Rogers & Company provides audit, tax, and advisory services for employee benefit plans. Our experience and expertise will help ensure regulatory compliance and timely filings, as well as assist organizations in the evaluation and design of certain benefit plans and agreements. Our services to employee benefit funds include:

Audit and Assurance — We provide both full and limited scope audit services of your Plan’s financial statements, whether a 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), 457(f), or other defined contribution, defined benefit, or health and welfare plan. Our independent audit services will review areas such as asset valuations, liabilities, contributions, participants, eligibility, reporting and other key compliance areas. The financial audits will ensure compliance with 5500 reporting, as well provide Plan sponsors with any relevant findings for consideration.

Tax Compliance and Advisory — Our tax professionals help ensure timely and accurate filings of your Plan’s form 5500, 5500EZ or 5500-SF, as well as help analyze the applicability of certain DOL, IRS and ERISA reporting requirements based on the size, structure and status of your Plan. We can also assist in reviewing plan design and implementation, file voluntary correction actions, assist with DOL audits, and conduct operational compliance reviews. Our tax professional can also assist in answering your questions related to plan design, compensation and benefits, and related tax requirements and reporting.

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