Other Nonprofits & Affiliates

Understanding your operations and unique compliance requirements

Our firm serves a multitude of other tax-exempt organizations operating under different sections of the Internal Revenue Code, including social clubs, veteran’s organizations, agricultural organizations, political organizations, tax-exempt title holding corporations, fraternal organizations, cemeteries, and quasi-governmental organizations. While these organizations follow the same general nonprofit accounting regulations, the tax laws contain very unique provisions exclusive to each of these types of entities. Our professionals have worked with these special nonprofits to provide independent audit and assurance services, advisory support, and tax compliance and reporting.

We also work extensively with charities and associations who own or control for-profit subsidiaries, both taxable and disregarded entities, or engage in joint ventures, partnerships, or other business structures. These entities often require more complex reporting and consolidation challenges, and for those with taxable operations, the need to ensure tax compliance and filings, whether an 1120, 1065, or other tax or pass-through filings, as well as state reporting and compliance.

Rogers & Company assists these unique organizations to operate and manage their businesses, receive independent corroboration of financial assertions, comply with tax regulations, and improve processes and controls effectiveness. With our experience and dedication to your industry, we offer the following services:

Audit and Assurance — We provide independent audit services of your organization’s external financial statements, and help ensure compliance with accounting and financial reporting requirements. We can also provide due diligence services related to mergers and acquisitions, program compliance reviews, subsidiary audits with stand-alone and consolidated reporting, agreed-upon procedures over financial elements, and other assurance and attest services.

Tax Compliance — Our tax professionals help ensure timely and accurate filings of your 990, 990T, related state tax reports, and where applicable federal and state taxable corporate returns. We assist with examinations by taxing authorities, analyze activities for possible effects on entity classification, assist with entity formation and structure, review lobbying and political activities, conduct UBIT assessments and calculations, and determine both current and deferred tax calculations.

Outsourcing — We can provide your nonprofit entity with services designed to supplement your staff and resources, ensure accurate transactional processing, provide timely financial reporting, and strengthen organizational effectiveness. These outsourcing solutions empower your organization to spend more time focusing on your key mission, while reducing costs and overhead at the same time.

Advisory — Our professionals have extensive and practical experience in nonprofit operations, strategy, governance, risk management, and general business consulting. We deliver services designed to help you implement new standards and systems, strengthen governance functions, improve productivity and efficiency, and manage risks and analyze costs. We have assisted clients with optimization of cost allocations, indirect cost rate proposals, due diligence, business combinations review, endowments, and many areas where we can supplement your resources.

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