International Nonprofits & NGOs

Ensuring compliance and effective international operations

Many tax-exempt organizations are expanding internationally as missions, members and programs start to span worldwide, whether due to the successful program growth, opportunities for increased funding, or the need to form alliances and expand outreach. Operating internationally presents a new set of challenges, with country specific regulations and reporting, cross border payments and transfers, foreign currency transactions and reporting, field office monitoring, as well as cultural considerations.

Rogers & Company is adept at working with nonprofits and NGOs that operate internationally, want to expand globally, are looking to merge or form alliances internationally, or may be subject to inter-company reporting requirements from overseas affiliates. We serve clients with operations in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Our professionals advise clients on international grant audit and reporting requirements, international tax matters, and help ensure compliance with IFRS and grant-specific accounting and reporting requirements. The majority of our auditors have lived or traveled overseas, and are fluent in many languages and business practices throughout the world, which further strengthens the expertise we bring to our clients.

Areas where our firm can assist international tax-exempt organizations include:

Audit and Assurance — We provide independent, objective audit services of your organization’s external financial statements, and help ensure compliance with accounting and financial reporting requirements – whether U.S. requirements for overseas NGOs, IFRS reporting, statutory reporting, country-specific GAAP, program and grant audits, agreed-upon procedures, and many other areas. We are able to directly oversee work, coordinate with overseas auditors, and confirm and clarify grant-specific and country regulations. Our work will help your organization to report to its stakeholders, funders, donors, lenders, and other constituents.

Tax Compliance — For clients operating internationally, there are unique reporting and disclosure requirements for their form 990, fiscal sponsor considerations, cost allocation requirements, and oftentimes country-specific tax compliance requirements. The laws in other countries that govern charitable entities and associations are varied and complex, and our professionals can help identify requirements and ensure compliance.

Advisory — Our professionals have extensive and practical experience in nonprofit operations, strategy, governance, risk management, and general business consulting. This extends as well to nonprofits that operate overseas, where oftentimes the local requirements and regulations can be ambiguous. We can work with foreign agencies and donors to define compliance and reporting objectives to ensure that requirements are clearly defined and agreed to. We also deliver services designed to help you implement new standards and systems, strengthen governance functions, improve productivity and efficiency, and manage risks and analyze costs.

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